Wild Horse Race

Six (6) teams per performance/event consisting of a three (3) member team. Each team will each receive uniquely colored bandanas.

Entry fee is $300 per team.

Quick release is allowed.

A qualified ride is considered:

  • Saddle and rider must be on a horse, and off the grounds when crossing the finish line.
  • No team member may be touching the lead when crossing the finish line except the rider that has mounted the horse.

The finish line will be from the break of the bucking chute to the Judge at the other side of the roping chutes.  This will be clarified before the beginning of the event to the teams.

25% will be held to cover rodeo/arena/stock fees.

The decision of the judge is final.

Time limit of 12 minutes to complete a qualified ride.

Losing control of your horse will result in a disqualification.


Two-day performance specific rule:

  • There will be two instances of the Wild Horse Race, one at each performance.  Winner will be determined by a stopwatch at each performance.  Fastest qualified times between the two performances will be declared the winner/s.
  • Two places will be paid (60/40 split) for the two fastest times across both performances.